Our Team

We are so glad that you are joining us!  We are a small team of moms working to create Waldorf-inspired homes. Please introduce yourself in the comments section, and feel free to share your family’s blog if you have one!

Samantha, Happy Hedgehog Post Owner
IMG_1114I am a wife, mother, artist and teacher. I’m an Air Force brat and spent most of my childhood in Florida and Washington. I have a degree in Elementary Education. I have three boys, ranging from 10 to infant. I love the beach.  It’s the only thing I miss about Florida, besides my family and friends! I love to quilt and to hand embroider. I love to read. I love hedgehogs, owls and foxes. I hope to have a pet hedgehog someday.

What brought you to Waldorf?
I was introduced to the Waldorf philosophy by a fellow homeschool mom. I am drawn to the calm, soothing nature of the Waldorf way. I love how a  connection with nature is emphasized in a world that is very tech-driven. The Waldorf way reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

11172258846_26b9cf86a2_b-2What is your favorite Waldorf celebration? Why?
My favorite holiday is Candlemas. I love the symbolism, making candles as a family and eating dinner by candlelight. It’s a beautiful and spiritual holiday.

What aspects of having a “Waldorf home” do you feel strongest in?  What are you still working on?
I’m a work in progress! I am constantly working on rhythm, keeping the clutter under control, and trying to remain calm!

Casey, Blog Writer
310833_933492581223_299873829_nHello! I’m Casey.  Until my son, Ben, was born in April of 2013, I was a middle school English teacher in California.  My husband matched to the University of Iowa for his anesthesia residency, though, so when Ben was six weeks old, we packed up our apartment and dogs and became Midwesterners.  I am now figuring out this whole stay-at-home-mom thing, and following the philosophies of early Waldorf education has helped to give our days a feeling of rhythm and routine.  I hope that creating a Waldorf home will give Ben (and Peter, arriving in February!) a childhood filled with wonder and beauty.

What brought you to Waldorf?
After college, I volunteered for a year at Camphill Community Ballytobin, a residential farm, home, and school for kids with special needs.  The community followed the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, and many of the ideas appealed to me.  When I became a mom seven years later, I looked to the Waldorf calendar to help establish traditions for my new family.  I will admit that I am also a huge sucker for natural toys!  I love that when my son plays, all the the noise comes from him, and not some battery-operated thing that does the playing for him.

What is your favorite Waldorf celebration? Why?
I like both Michaelmas and Martinmas.  This is funny, because our family isn’t religious.  However, the lessons of bravery in Michaelmas and of charity in Martinmas are representative of our family’s values.1601546_10101351118254983_7466152438310283171_n

What aspects of having a “Waldorf home” do you feel strongest in?  What are you still working on?
I feel that my husband and I are doing well in creating a peaceful and wonder-filled home.  As a teacher, I always attempted to create lessons that respected the threefold nature of my students.  Now as I plan Ben’s days, I always keep his head, heart, and hands in mind.  I am still working on pinning down our daily rhythm.  I have to make a conscious effort to balance nap schedules, play, meals, and learning time with the demands of errands and chores.  Throw in Iowa weather, where it’s either blazingly hot or bone-chillingly cold, and things get complicated!

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