A Waldorf Winter– St. Nicholas Day

Full disclosure: St. Nicholas isn’t coming to our house this year. No, no one’s been naughty (have you seen that story about that family that’s “canceling Christmas” because the kids have been disrespectful?  Because, clearly, putting your kids’ punishment on all the morning news shows is respectful…but I digress!).  We just didn’t get around to planning, and honestly, I don’t know that my nineteen-month-old would get much out of it.  Now I have a year to scour eBay for wooden shoes!

In the meantime, if you are in the same ill-prepared boat as I, you might appreciate the stories from The St. Nicholas Center.  You might also decide to clean up your shoes tonight, and leave them out for treats.  Many parents include little treasures or winter mittens and socks, but something tells me your kids won’t mind it if all you can manage is some chocolate and a clementine! If St. Nicholas Day is a well-established holiday at your house, please share links to blog posts in the comments or pictures on Instagram with the tag #happyhedgehogpost.


At least I managed to order this Marjan Van Zeyl postcard for our nature table!


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