Waldorf Winter–Quick Craft Update

Hello there, Hedgehogs!  I just wanted to pop in and update you on a few crafts.  First, I hung up the window stars I made in this tutorial. Today was dreadfully snowy, so it was really nice to get a small burst of color.


Next, I finally got my act together and made the star ornament from the December Happy Hedgehog Post envelope, just in time for Three Kings Day.  Something you must understand is that when I’m pregnant, I get awful carpal tunnel syndrome.  I can’t feel my hands, I accidentally throw items across the room, I drop my fork mid-bite. So I was putting off the project, because I figured a) it would be kind of hard, b) I wouldn’t notice if I pierced my hand with the embroidery needle until there was blood all over the place, and c) it would look kind of crappy. I bit the bullet tonight, though, and am mildly pleased with the results! This blanket stitch isn’t going to win me any ribbons at the Iowa State Fair, but at least I finished!


The last piece of news isn’t really news, just something I found funny.  We made a couple of different bird feeders this winter. The first, feeders made with cookie cutters out of seeds and gelatin, was definitely my favorite.  It was fast, not too messy, and attracted lots of really neat birds.  The second we made for Winter Solstice with seed, apple slices, and peanut butter.  I wasn’t nuts about these.  They made a huge mess and didn’t attract the same variety of birds.  The squirrels liked them, which was fine, but they tended to run off with them so they weren’t as fun to watch.  The third feeder was a total flop.  I threaded what seemed like a million cranberries onto embroidery floss. It was a pain, dyed my hands, and took forever.  My dear husband kindly hung the garland a couple days after Solstice (once it stopped raining), and there it stayed.  Neither bird nor squirrel has taken any interest whatsoever in it.  In truth, this disinterest is a bit of a relief: I never have to make another cranberry feeder in my life!

IMG_20141224_155502What have you been up to?  Did you try out the window stars?  Did you make a felt ornament?  How are you celebrating Three Kings Day tomorrow?  Share blog links in the comments or tag #happyhedgehogpost on Instagram!

3 thoughts on “Waldorf Winter–Quick Craft Update

  1. Thanks so much for this blog! We have our window stars from our HHP sub hanging up. I’m excited to buy more paper and make some different stars. For 3 Kings Day I changed the nature table and used our postcard and felt star from HHP as well as some nativity figures. We read from our Jesus Storybook Bible this morning and made star sugar cookies last night for today. Happy 3 Kings Day!


  2. We are gearing up for 3 Kings Day today too:) We are making star cookies from HHP, reading a story of the 3 Kings (depaulo), have our HHP stars on the window, and will do a hunt to find our nativity star hung somewhere in the house. So much fun! And hopefully, a bit better understanding about what might have been like all those years ago to follow a distant star to a savior.


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