Daffodil Days

It’s here, guys! Spring is finally here! Now, I must admit that we had a very mild winter, so I wasn’t as desperate as I was last year. Still, it’s nice to see so much green all of a sudden. We even have some daffodils popping up in the small neglected flower bed next to our house (neither my husband nor I are much for yard work…). I’m always torn when it comes to flowers in nature. Part of me thinks that’s exactly where they should be. The other part of me knows that just about nothing else makes me as happy as a couple of flowers in the living room. I left them alone today, but I might go snip a couple tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted on the details of this clearly very riveting personal drama! Anyway, I thought I would do some daffodil-related Pinteresting for you all. Read (or sing, as the case may be) these to your children, or print them out on heavy card stock and put them on your nature table. Enjoy, and Happy Spring! Daffodil-song-3 b096d78adf2b0e11b3714a500277059e 703a542f796e9aee81c2369d556e4523 b78cd0194c2df9b8274ec19ddb1d18fe

One thought on “Daffodil Days

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