Waldorf Spring–May Day

May Day is almost here, and I promised myself that this year, I would put together baskets for a few friends. I’m from California, and the May Day basket is not at all a tradition there (or at least, not in the greater Los Angeles area, where I grew up!). Still, I love the idea. It’s fun and contributes to building a community, something I am always striving to do. And so I did what any mom looking for a quick, easy, inexpensive craft would do: I hit up Pinterest!

And then I got completely overwhelmed.

There are some great ideas, to be sure. But I do everything one-handed while nursing an infant these days. Also, as much as I love paper punches and ribbons and doilies, I didn’t have the right ones on hand, nor did I want to spend a ton of money on a single craft. I nearly abandoned my project.

And then I visited the dollar section at Target.

Crisis averted! I found some pretty decorative buckets and pinwheels, and decided I would use my trusty birdseed ornament recipe. In addition to the pinwheel, each bucket gets some birdseed, pre-tied twine, two packets of gelatin and a recipe card. Easy! Cheap! Cute!


Here’s the recipe text, if you want to make your own card:

Birdseed Ornaments
(Note: you need a few cookie cutters to complete this craft.)

1. Mix 1/2 cup boiling water with 2 gelatin packets.
2. Add 1 ½ cups birdseed. Stir.
3. Fill cookie cutters halfway with seed mixture. Gently press in twine. Fill cookie cutters the rest of the way.
4. Leave ornaments on parchment or Saran Wrap. They will set in a few hours.
5. Hang the ornaments and enjoy the birds!
Happy May Day!

Do you have any May Day plans? Please share on Instagram or our group page!

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