Waldorf Summer Round-Up

I always hear people talking about how summer seemed to last forever when they were kids. This was certainly true for me. I’d read a book a day, watch way too much TV, and just enjoy lounging about and hanging out with my cousins. Now that I’m a parent, summer still feels endless, but for a different reason. When the sun doesn’t set until after eight o’clock, the days are looooong. Also, my husband is working nights right now, so I’ve been alone with a toddler and infant all week. I love being a mom, but sometimes bedtime seems like a speck in the distance I will never reach. Luckily, we Waldorf parents belong to a wonderful community, and there are so many blog posts with recipes, crafts, and thoughts on summer rhythms. I’ve gathered a few for you.

Eating and Drinking
Since I’ve been alone every evening, I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen. For some reason, I’ve gotten really interested in the cuisine of Norway. Unfortunately, the cuisine of Norway is not interested in me. I’ve experienced many, many culinary disasters in my life, but none equal to my attempts to make brunost (a brown cheese made of whey that ended up tasting like burned soy sauce) and kvæfjordkake, which was selected as the national cake of Norway in 2002 (now you know). Since we are all friends here, I’m going to swallow my pride and share a picture if you promise not to laugh.

Well, this is embarrassing...

Well, this is embarrassing…

You promised! Pretty awful, huh? Maybe I should just not do anything involving the oven for a while. Instead, please join me in trying Soule Mama’s strawberry salad accompanied by Red Beet Mama’s sun tea. If we’re feeling like it’s safe to approach the stove, we can make the strawberry honey jam from Frontier Dreams. Also, if you ordered extra lavender after receiving the May envelope, Harvest Moon by Hand’s lavender lemonade sounds amazing.

Flowers and Plants
I tried to find you a mix of sit-down crafts and activities inspired by nature walks. Start with Feathered Nest Studio’s collecting bag. Fill it with calendula to make Syrendell’s salve for all those bumps and bruises that your kids are sure to get on their summer adventures. You might also find neat leaves and twigs for Mary & Patch’s sun printing activity. If you come across flowers or branches to take home, you can place them in Garden Mama’s hanging jar vase. Finally, after so much hustle and bustle, your kids will love to relax with an eye pillow from Little Acorn Learning.


A collecting bag is the perfect nature walk accessory.

Summer Rhythm
Once it warms up and school ends, many families struggle to find their rhythms. Too much structure seems almost cruel, while too little leads to the childhood complaint that every parent dreads: “I’m booooored.” Donna Ashton at The Waldorf Connection has some suggestions for homeschooling families. The Parenting Passageway also has thoughts for parents of younger school-aged children, and Simplicity Parenting encourages us to embrace the “unrhythm” of summer. Finally, with all the crafting, cooking, and relaxing you’ll be doing in the next few months, the house is sure to need tidying up. Cedar Ring Mama has some great ideas.

We plan on doing a lot of this.

We plan on doing a lot of this.

What are your big plans for the summer? Do you have any favorite crafts?
What does your rhythm look like?
Please leave a comment, then tag us on Instagram or share on the group page!
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