Mystery Box (and more!) Giveaway

image I’m so excited to announce that Happy Hedgehog Post will soon be offering mystery boxes, each containing a fantastic variety of high-quality art supplies and gifts. The boxes won’t be available in the shop for another couple of weeks, but a lucky HHP reader will get the first one! A second place winner will get a copy of Making a Family Home, and third place will receive a copy of Lifeways: Working with Family Questions. Click the link below to enter the contest, which opens midnight on June 5 and closes at 11:59 on June 15. Good luck!


35 thoughts on “Mystery Box (and more!) Giveaway

  1. I love how the simplicity allows for such creativity and individuality and how I’m incorporating it into my home life too.


  2. What I love about Waldorf is how it is developmentally appropriate. I’m enjoying my kids’ current age and stage and not pushing them to places they are not ready for. Thank you for this offer!


  3. I love the creativity, individuality, natural aspects, and the rhythm Waldorf creates. I feel as if it is for the child and not something done to the child.


  4. I love the mystery box idea. I recently read an article that stated surprise was the key to happiness. We all need a little more mystery in our lives.


  5. My favorite aspect of Waldorf life is the focus on connecting children (and adults!) to the things that people seem to take for granted today- nature, handwork, simple celebrations, etc. Thank you for such a generous giveaway. 🙂


  6. My favorite thing about Waldorf is that it follows the rhythm of the child, and allows children to be children for as long as possible. Thanks for the giveaway!


  7. What do I love about Waldorf… Hmmmm, the connection of it all, to nature, our children and most importantly ourselves. I feel so much more connected to everything and everyone through living a Waldorf life. And Waldorf homeschooling honors the child so deeply it’s healing to both the children and the teacher! I benefit as much as my child. Win-win!


  8. I’m a low income homeschooling mother who would love to learn more about Woldorf at home and intregrate it into our holistic lifestyle. My children are on the waitlist for a charter school that is Waldorf inspired.


  9. I love the focus on nature and imagination. My child tends to me very matter of fact and waldorf homeschooling encourages him to stretch out his imagination


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