Casey’s Kitchen: Foolproof Fruit Balls

My grandmother was a great cook, but she was an awful person to get recipes from. If you’d ask how much flour went into something, her response would be, “Oh, I don’t know…about that much.” I’m exactly like her, except for the great cook part.  I’m a lazy cook. I hate measuring and following pesky recipes, and so I tend to fail more in the kitchen than succeed (see The Ugliest Cake In The World for proof). Every once in a while, though, I find something that even I can’t mess up. When this happens, I have to share it with you! Meet my foolproof breakfast balls.

You need:
Dried fruit. I like to use one large (dried figs or apricots or prunes) and one small (I prefer cherries).
Unsalted nuts (I usually use almonds).
One banana that you forgot about and just found in the back of your fridge.
A nut or seed butter (I like natural peanut butter).
Optional: oats, chia, flax, honey.

Waldorf snacks cereal ballsNotice that there are no measurements. Just do what looks good and add flavors as you please. Start with the nuts and large dried fruit. Pulse them in your food processor until they are roughly chopped. Waldorf summer snacks no bake cereal bars

Add the banana, nut/seed butter, and whatever else you’d like. Blend depending on your children’s chewing ability. If I’m making these for my kids, I blend very well. If I’m making them for myself, I will do a rougher chop or mix in some whole nuts by hand at the end. I also prefer to stir in the oats and cherries after I’ve processed the rest; the oats help to absorb the moisture and the tart cherries provide a contrast to the sweetness of the other ingredients.

Waldorf summer snackOnce you’ve mixed in all your ingredients, roll them into balls and place on a cookie sheet. Refrigerate for a couple of hours, then throw them into a more convenient food storage container. Ta-Da! Ugly but delicious breakfast balls!

Waldorf snack, cereal ball, no bakeI love these because they take five minutes to make, and in the summer, I have an easy no-bake snack that doesn’t warm up the house. I also like that it’s a no-fuss way for me to make sure my suddenly meat-resistant toddler is getting protein, and he really enjoys helping. Do use caution, though. Dried fruit is full of sugar. Also, and there is no way to put this delicately, they will make your kids poop. A lot (maybe that’s a good thing?). Luckily, they are very filling, so one or two should suffice.

What’s your favorite summer snack? Please share your recipe in the comments! If it’s easy enough, I might even break out my measuring cups!

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