Waldorf Summer: Solstice Star Tutorial

Since you can’t exactly drive to Party City and pick up Summer Solstice decorations, I thought I’d do a quick tutorial on a very easy paper sun. Click on the image to see the full directions.

You just need some kite paper (tissue paper or origami paper will do) and glue to make this. I used 6″ squares to make this star.

We would love to see your finished star! Share a pic on our Facebook or Instagram using #IloveHHP

Also, I’d like to share some great Solstice ideas from the Waldorf community. Twig and Toadstool shows you how to weave a giant sun and how to make a sun cake. Rhythm of the Home has a bunch of ideas for Solstice traditions. Finally, Happy Crafty Family has a cute King Sun puppet tutorial.

How are you celebrating Solstice? Please share your plans in the comments!

Need supplies?  visit our shop.

3 thoughts on “Waldorf Summer: Solstice Star Tutorial

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