Rolling With My Gnomies (Standing Fairy Tutorial)

If you are a Waldorf family, chances are you have a few (or a few hundred) fairies around your house. I love making fairies, and I especially enjoy incorporating them into my nature table displays. Most of the time, this means hanging the fairy from a hook in the ceiling. Sometimes, though, I want her to come down and socialize with the other magical inhabitants of our house. The gnomes shouldn’t get to have all the fun, after all. How do I accomplish this goal? Why, with a highly scientific, precise, and incredibly difficult process it took me years to master. Just kidding– I use a toilet paper roll and an old candle. Check out the tutorial below to learn how to help your fairy stand on her own two…items from the waste basket.

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2 thoughts on “Rolling With My Gnomies (Standing Fairy Tutorial)

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