Martinmas Made Easy

Waldorf Martinmas

You can understand how Martinmas kind of crept up on me. But I’m not going to let a complete lack of groceries or inexperience get the best of me! There’s still time.

You, too, can put together a Martinmas celebration in a day! Give yourself some background with GardenMama’s Martinmas story. Next, decorate with Rhythm of the Home’s lantern bunting. I made the awesome wool lantern in the October HHP envelope, and I’d also like some smaller lanterns around the house. If you are like me, you have fifty wet-on-wet paintings packed away somewhere. Cyprus Space has an easy watercolor lantern tutorial.  Of course, all great celebrations have great food. In addition to the horseshoe cookies in the HHP October Zine, the German Foods website has a Weckmann recipe. Nothing says Waldorf celebration like [fill in the blank]-shaped bread! This time, you’ll make little St. Martins. And finally, enjoy some lantern songs:

Yes, I do hate “throwing together” a holiday. I much prefer to plan and do things with intention. However, as a newer Waldorf family, I think it’s important to just do something. Family traditions have to start somewhere, even if the first few years seem a little…improvised. If I get overwhelmed with doing it perfectly, I’ll never get started. So I’m doing it! I may croak through my lantern song and my weckmenn might look more like beggars than bishops, but our candles will shine brightly and our stomachs and hearts will be full and ready for the long winter ahead.

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