November Envelope Videos and Ideas

Well, it’s December. I don’t know how that happened. I’m working on getting my nature table together and wrapping empty boxes. No, not to mess with my kids; to keep the Christmas tree safe, we will have a Great Wall of Presents. Of course, I’m also busily crafting! Here are Sam’s videos plus some of my ideas for incorporating your work into your winter Waldorf home.

Needle Felted Snowman

This little guy will look perfect on your nature table. Here’s a “Winter” banner and a poem card to accompany him.

Hedgehog Ornament

My Christmas tree is a metallic festival of lights that is not even a little kid-friendly. I am okay with this. It makes me happy and gets me through the Iowa winter with a smile on my face. You gotta do what you gotta do. The good news is that my kids get to play with the hedgie. We’ve been reading Jan Brett’s Christmas Trolls, a story about a family whose decorations and gifts keep disappearing. Eventually the narrator realizes that a pair of sweet but misguided trolls have all the loot, and they’ve been using their pet hedgehog as an accomplice (mostly because his prickly back allows him to carry stuff). Well, our hedgehog is similarly mischievous, and things have gone missing all over the house. This leads to spirited searches and finding the hedgie sitting on our silverware, or socks, or whatever else caught his fancy. Other families have an elf on a shelf, we have a 100% felt hedgehog. Bonus: ours isn’t a sneak who reports to Santa.

Star Baby

As I said above, our tree is as unfriendly as a Midwest February, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for kid stuff in the rest of the house. I plan on using this ornament in a different way. Iowa may be arctic-adjacent, but it does have lots of holiday fairs and parties going for it. I’m going to hang my star baby on our door knob on days we are doing something special and Christmas-related. It will be a little unspoken signal that our day has some holiday magic ahead. I think this is an important little step to help my the kids anticipate and manage changes in our routine.

What are your plans for this month’s crafts? Please share in the comments or tag us on Instagram!

The December envelope is now available to purchase. HHP envelopes make great gifts!

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