Grimm’s Overload!

Happy Hedgehog Post has tons of Grimm’s right now, so I thought I’d tell you about a few of our favorites.

12 Piece Rainbow Stacker
As I mentioned in our gift guide, the rainbow stacker is the item that brings many families to Waldorf. Now, I know that calling something a “Waldorf toy” makes people prickly because Waldorf is a pedagogy and not a section of the store, but this is a great toy no matter what you want to call it. It isn’t only a stacker; it makes bear caves, gnome homes, tunnels, and mazes. I’ve been fascinated as my little guy gets older and moves from simply putting the pieces on top of each other to building representative structures. I also enjoy the tactile experience that the rainbow provides. Like many Grimm’s toys, it isn’t sanded and varnished until it barely resembles wood. Instead, the natural dyes allow the grain to show through, and the slightly rough texture creates friction so that the arches don’t slip when stacked at an angle. This is a true heirloom toy.


It can be a tower for a super hero…

Waldorf toys

…or a gnome tent.

Waldorf Toys

And sometimes I steal it to make nature table hills.

Alphabet Cards
Ben is getting these for Christmas, but they are really for me. I have such fun making little scenes on our nature table and I can’t wait to use these beautifully illustrated cards to mark the seasons. When our kids are ready to learn letters, I know these cards will make the learning process fun. I also plan to use them in story telling games. Members of the family will take turns drawing from the deck and incorporating the illustrations into a story we create together. I plan to use these cards for years.

Waldorf Toys

Stock photo because ours are wrapped!

Stacking Bowls
I think this was our first Grimm’s toy. Both of my babies loved them. They are fun to bang around and fit perfectly in little hands. I don’t know what it is about babies and bowls, but my boys enjoyed moving other toys in and out of them, and this task kept them busy for a impressive amounts of time.  Ben recently appropriated them for use in the play kitchen, and I have eaten many delicious imaginary meals out of them. Once again, this is a toy that grows with your child.


Ben insists that his diaper match his toys.

12 Rainbow Friends
Okay, I don’t actually have these. I have the seven friends in seven cups. However, I covet them, so I might as well tell you why. Now, I know these are just peg people and that I could probably paint a bunch myself, but there’s something so pleasing about these guys. Their colors match other Grimm’s toys, so it’s fun to pair the peg person to cup or box or rainbow arch. Also, I like the way they look and feel. If I’m being honest with myself, I couldn’t perfectly replicate the smooth, warm colors that Grimm’s achieves (they claim natural dyes; I’m pretty sure it’s magic). Ben and Peter both have birthdays coming up. I’m just saying…


You can always spot a Waldorf kid’s Easter basket.

Large Sailboat
This toy has caused much strife in our house. You see, it makes the perfect prop in our summer nature table. My completely unreasonable toddler, however, insists it’s a toy. So rude. Anyway, I’m mature, so I usually let the kid win. He has fun breaking out our super long blue “ocean” and his Holztiger animals for sailing adventures. It’s also important to mention that this is a great bath toy. Don’t be afraid of wooden toys in the bath! As long as you take it right out after, the boat dries perfectly. And then it’s all ready to go back on the nature table where it belongs!


This makes Mommy happy.

Waldorf Toys

This makes Kiddo happy.

Small Stacking Tower
There are a million baby stackers to choose from, but we picked this one. I really like that the holes and the dowel aren’t graduated sizes; that is, each disk can go on the stacker in any order. This design choice means that even pretty young babies can get all the disks on without worrying about the correct order, and older children are presented with more of a challenge when stacking by size because there are so many possible combinations.


I don’t have a picture and both kids are sleeping so I can’t stage one. A stock photo will have to do!

House Stacker
This was another of our early Grimm’s purchases, and like the rainbow, this stacker has grown with Ben. While it was once just something that fit together, it now creates a neighborhood for our gnomes. I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but this is the joy of open-ended toys: there are so many ways to play with them; kids never get bored or grow out of them. It’s money well spent, because both the quality and nature of the toys guarantee that they last for years.

Waldorf Toys

A little house for our little guy.

Now that I’ve talked at length about toys, I’m feeling so much better. I’m almost ready to tackle that soggy, half-washed laundry basket of cloth diapers.

Or maybe I’ll just go put some peg people in rainbow order…

What’s your favorite Grimm’s toy?  Tell us in the comments or tag us on Instagram!

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