Lots of Stars for Three Kings

Well, he took his sweet time, but Jack Frost finally decided to visit our neighborhood. I have to admit that he isn’t the most welcome guest. This part of the year is rough; the presents are all unwrapped and spring feels very far away. We can make the cheer of Christmas stretch a few more days, though, by celebrating Three Kings Day and filling our homes with stars (read more here, here, and here).

First, here’s Sam’s star garland video:

I loved this craft, and so did my toddler. He was able to help way more than I was expecting, and he had so much fun “chopping” the stars.  I would put the wool into the cookie cutter, add a single drop of dish soap (I opted to do it this way because having toddler assistance meant that our soapy water kept cooling between stars), and get the felting started. Once the wool tightened a little, kiddo took over. He was fascinated by the whole process. He thought it was so cool that we started with fluffy wool and ended with a star. I guess I’m no longer the only felter in the family!


The process was slowed a little by his need to squish each star.

Waldorf wet felting

Once he focused, though, he was a felting pro!

Deciding where to put decorations usually takes me ages, but I knew exactly where my star garland would go. I recently found a wire tree on clearance (I typically avoid post-holiday sales at all costs but I will make exceptions for nature table props!), and my plan was to use different colors of wool to mark the changing seasons. Unfortunately, my white roving “snow” just looked kind of dumb, as if a sheep had lost a fight with an Ent. The bare tree, however, was a pretty depressing addition to our seasonal display, however accurate.  A garland was the clear solution!

Before I strung the stars, I decided to dye the beads. You see, my nature table is actually a birch (laminate–thanks, IKEA!) shelf in front of a white wall. I feared the beads would get a little lost if I left them alone. Dyeing them was fast and easy; I just let them soak for ten minutes in a muffin cup filled with vinegar and a few drops of food coloring.

Waldorf garland

Ben said that the beads were taking a bath.

Although they initially came out a distressing green, they mellowed into a nice light blue as they dried. Then all I had to do was string them with the stars and hang the garland on the tree. It looks rather festive, if I do say so myself!

Waldorf wet felting

Who needs snow when you can have stars?

The other star craft in the December envelope was of the paper variety. Here’s the video:

If you are like me, one star is never enough! If you’d like to make a few different shapes, check out our past tutorials here and here.

Finally, we love to see our customers’ work, and it’s been a busy winter, it seems! Here are some of the wonderful photos you’ve shared. Please keep posting in our Facebook group and tagging us on Instagram!

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