The Easiest Garland Ever

Our January Happy Hedgehog Post envelope just arrived and we had a great time making our candles this afternoon. Well, first we had a little fight about whether the wax was a road and which direction the wick should go, but then we had a great time making our candles.


No, kid. Just…no.

Waldorf Candles

He was the Official Shape Presser.

My little guy is going to turn one on the 13th, so I decided to make a mix of Valentine’s Day and birthday votives (using the star cookie cutter from the December envelope). I’m really trying to get Big Brother Ben to understand that Peter’s special day is coming up, and that we will celebrate his first year as the rookie member of our family. I think having one sibling make a birthday candle for the other will become a Hitchcock tradition. The wax was very easy to work with, but I do recommend using a hair dryer to make it a bit more pliable. This way, I didn’t have to press too hard and lose the great honeycomb shape. You only need to heat the wax for a couple of seconds though; it softens quickly.

Waldorf Candles

We kicked our weather gnomes off the shelf for this photo op.

Once we finished our candles, I was still in crafting mode (let’s be honest: when am I not in crafting mode?) and I had some leftover wax. What’s a Waldorf mom to do when left with excess materials? Why, make a garland, of course!

Waldorf Garland

Once I started making hearts, I couldn’t stop!

It couldn’t have been easier: I was able to get seven or eight hearts out of each square. Then I just put the hearts in the order I wanted them, and placed fishing line across each shape, just below the dip. Next, I put another heart of the same color on top, sealing the line inside. Make sure to apply enough pressure to really smoosh (scientific term) the hearts together; use the blow dryer if you need to. When I was finished, I had a sweet mini garland for our nature table.

Waldorf Garland

I love it!

If you haven’t made your votives yet, Sam’s tutorial is below. If you have made yours, please share on the Facebook group page or tag us on Instagram!

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