Momma’s Quiet Time

I use what little quiet time I get to read those links I’ve been saving on Facebook all week. I love that you can save post now but boy my list gets pretty long!  And of course Facebook feels the need to point out how many I still haven’t opened. I don’t need that kind of pressure, Facebook!

So when I can, I pour myself a cup of tea and have a little momma time. Here’s what I’m reading (or watching 😉 ) this week….so far anyway….

I love Anne Shirley and have always dreamed of walking in her foot steps! So for now, this will have to do! Virtual Field Trip to Prince Edward Island

Homeschooling is hard and time consuming so this blog post caught my eye, Homeschooling & Marriage.

Speaking of homeschooling, my school year is starting up again and I am reviewing my plans. I need to make sure I covered all the bases and  Carrie’s post, Waldorf Homeschool Planning: Hands, Heart and Head, might be just what I need.

A little inspiration. A video about the fear of failure  from Business Insider.


What are you reading this week?




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