HHP’s Ultimate Waldorf Holiday Gift Guide!

The holiday season is right around the corner and for many people that means gifts galore!  If you have children in your home you know the gifts can get out of hand very quickly, and they can also get very expensive.  In our home the rule is to buy children something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.  For our own children we may get them a little more than just 4 things, but we still use these rules.  

Here at Happy Hedgehog we love to support small businesses that focus on natural, open-ended toys and gifts for our children.  To show our support for Small Business Saturday, here is the ultimate list of shops to browse to help you get some ideas for the little ones (and big ones) on your holiday shopping list this year:

Simply Merino:  I think every kid on my list needs a pair of these super soft, warm and cozy jammies!simply_merino_pjs

Baby and Toddler:

From Grandmother’s Hope Chest:  These Necklaces for Mommy or baby are perfect for a teething Toddler.amber-necklaces

Jenn Sews Felt:  This cute-as-can-be Elephant is the perfect snuggly buddy for your little boy or girl.felt-elephant

The Wood Pecker:  This wooden cat push toy is perfect for a toddler!  wood-animal-roller


2 Hearts Desire:  These rattles are the perfect stocking stuffer for your little one.rattle


Hearthside Toys:  This handmade dollhouse is the perfect size for any child to play in.  It’s nice and open on one side and can be used with any small dolls, fairies, gnomes, or animals!dollhouse

Wooden Caterpillar:  My preschooler spends hours playing with lacing toys like this one.  I love that the string is attached to a wooden ‘needle’ for easy sewing fun.lacing-toy

Sensory Play:  Little kids need to rock out sometimes, and what better toy to do it than this awesome Rainbow Rocker?  I love the beautiful colors and open-ended play this will inspire.rainbow-rocker

Moonflower Toys:  This snowman stacker is a fantastic winter stacker toy, and I could see this inspiring lots of “snowman building” stories and play with your little ones.snowman-stacker

Toys By John:  If you have a little boy or girl who loves to play house they could get hours of play with this sweet wooden ironing board and iron.ironing-board

Ages 5-9:

From Jennifer:  We chose this bow and arrow set for your little archer because it is easy to use, totally safe, durable, and super cute!bow-and-arrow-set

Fairy Shadow:  Every little girl needs a doll to be her best friend, and this generously sized 16” doll comes in a variety of clothing styles and skin colors.  Don’t you just want to give her a big hug?


Mirus Toys:  This marble maze is great for hours of open ended fun and for exercising those fine motor and problem solving skills.marble-maze

Twelve Little Tales: Sends you a monthly story with prompt cards, postcards and stickers.


The Knothole Tree: If you have an art lover, The Monet Artist box is perfect!


Ages 10-teen:

Curtis Matsko:  These gorgeous handmade journals are perfect for a nature journal or for jotting down your thoughts.  


Frostbeard:  This book lovers’ soy candle is the perfect candle for the teen who loves to stay up late reading all night!book-candle

Ivy and Kay Creations:  This monogram metal water bottle is perfect for the older kid who likes to hike!  There are plenty of style options to choose from for this eco friendly water bottle. water-bottle

Evil Eye Color:  This travel watercolor kit is a fantastic choice for the kid who is always inspired and loves to paint outdoors.paints

Jem Klein:  These wood hair clips are one of a kind works of art!  From his listing:  “This is made with local wood that I sustainably harvested with love and respect for the forest.”  hair-clip

Up In Yarn Designs:  This hand dyed indie sock yarn is a gift any avid knitter would love to receive. yarn


Andrea Hill Pottery:  If you have someone on your list who is a coffee or tea drinker, you need to get them this beautiful mug.  It comes with a lid to keep your drink warm, which I definitely need because I finish drink my coffee before it gets cold. She also has great sets for kids!mug

Donna Lee Bags:  I’m always hunting for seashells when I’m at the beach to bring back for our nature table, and now you can do it with this bag that keeps the shells in, but lets the sand fall out.seashell-bag

Felt Wool:  I love to play gnome games with my kids, and with these slippers I can make sure my feet look the part!  I can’t let my kids have all of the fun 🙂gnome-slippers

Orglamix: They have amazing skincare and makeup that is cruelty free. This eyeshadow trio has just the right amount of sparkle.attachment-1_2_grande

Holiday Items:

The Toadstool Forest:  The Kindness Elves that Elizabeth has lovingly crafted are perfect for people who want a Waldorf themed alternative to the Elf on the Shelf.  kindness-elves

Hearth Magic:  Amber makes some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen, and she has made another masterpiece for your holiday home with this advent calendar!advent-calendar

Hand N Hand Woodworks:  If you celebrate advent you need to get one of these gorgeous advent spirals!  Light a candle each evening and tell stories to your children.  You can also take it apart and use it for other festivals and birthday celebrations!advent-spiral

Red Barn Toys:  I love the simplistic design of this nativity scene.  If your family celebrates Christmas this is a must have.nativity

Olive Wood Gifts:  If your family celebrates Hanukkah or you have a third grader who is studying the Old Testament, these hand painted dreidels are just right for you!dreidel

Ancient Game Cupboard:  Achi is a traditional board game from Africa, and it would be a great thing to have at your kwanzaa family celebration.achi

Alternatives for mainstream toys:

Woolies:  This Rainbow Unicorn is so soft and sweet, the perfect alternative choice for a My Little Pony fan.rainbow-pony

Papa Dons Wooden Toys:  These wooden cars are a great natural alternative to the traditional hot wheels type car.wooden-cars

Dollisimo:  This delicate and beautiful handmade 13” cloth fashion doll reminds me so much of the Barbies I had when I was young, but the clothing and doll is made with so much attention to detail.  This is definitely on my Christmas list!doll

Simple Gifts Toys:  This apothecary set is adorable and so much nicer than the plastic doctor’s kits you get at big box stores.  Perfect for a kid who loves essential oils and to fix boo-boo’s just like Mommy or Daddy.apothecary

Little Sapling Toys:  This Hammer Bench Toy will fit right in with the decor of your home.  The beautiful wood colors are what make this toy stand out among it’s more brightly colored plastic counterparts.pounding-toy

Themed Gift Ideas:

For the ocean lover:

Kitchen Dyeworks:  This gorgeous beach playsilk caught my eye immediately!  My kids love to use their playsilks as scenes for their wooden toys and animals, and this one is absolutely stunning.  Add some seashells and you’re all set!beach-playsilk

Tansy Dolls:  This little mermaid family would love to swim around your home.mermaid-family

Wooden Ya Play:  These wooden sea creatures are perfect for this ocean-themed gift, and you can play with them just as they are or have your child paint them with watercolors for an art project that they can play with for years to come!wood-sea-creatures

For the knights and princesses:

Wooden Giraffe Toys:  These castle themed blocks are the perfect gift for your King or Queen to build the castle of their dreams!castle-blocks

Lena and Sasha:  This set of 5 knights would be the perfect guards for your castle.knights

Waldorf Wood Toys:  every set of knights needs something to fight.  This dragon is the perfect villain to attack your castle guards!dragon

For the fairies:

Zeizo Designs:  I love playing fairies with my girls, so I would need a pair for each of them AND a pair for myself.fairy-wings

Portes Bonheur:  This fairy door kit allows you to make your own creation so you can give the fairies a way to enter your home any time.fairy-door

Wildflower Toys: This boy fairy elf would make a lovely addition to your child’s fairy play.


And of course the ultimate gift for any child or waldorf homeschooler:

A subscription to Happy Hedgehog Post!  Our monthly craft envelope is themed towards the current season and holidays.  Each envelope contains items to craft, a recipe to cook, something to read and something special.  Here is an example of the contents of a recent envelope: syfemtxge

The shop also has plenty of other wonderful gifts to choose from!

I hope these suggestions inspire you to shop small businesses this holiday season, and all year long!  If you find something you love from one of these shops please let us know in the comments below.

 Happy Holidays!!!!


Samantha and Jenn



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