How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

By now, most of you should have received your February package. Inside is a cute little succulent inching for a new home. Below are step by step pictures of how to make your terrarium.

Make sure you water your succulent really well before starting. I’m sure he would like  a little sun, too.

You only need half of the sand for the bottom of your bowl. You can save the rest for the top.


Add the charcoal. (The blue bits you see are blue glass I had left over from another project and added in)


Add a thin layer of the soil. Spritz with water.


Plant your succulent. Make sure the soil is all the way around. I use a paintbrush to brush off the dirt of the leaves.


Time to decorate! I borrowed a few things from the nature table and had to add a hedgehog, of course.


Happy Crafting!


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