5 Habits for Simple Living

If you are new to simple living, it will take some time to learn how to start living a simpler life. You will need to change your mindset, slow down, and find ways to simplify your life. While your simple living dream may not involve a homestead with a farm, whatever is inspiring you to choose to slow down and apply some of these basic simple living habits, we’re glad you’re here. Here are five habits for living simple.

1. Stop Multitasking

Simple living involves simplifying your schedule in order to get rid of the chaos in your everyday life. Give your full attention and focus to only one thing at a time, even if you’re trying to complete a long list of to-do items.

2. Get Rid of One Thing Per Day From Your Home

If you are able to complete this task everyday for a year, you will have gotten rid of 365 things you don’t need. These don’t have to be large items, so be careful not to go overboard at first. Simple living embraces minimalism and keeping your wants and needs to a minimum. Start by getting rid of the things in your home that are considered clutter by removing one thing per day from your home. You can choose to donate, throw away, or sell the items you are getting rid of.

3. Watch Less TV

The average American watches roughly 34 hours of TV each week! That’s almost the same amount of time that is spent at a full-time job! People who embrace simple living understand the time suck that television can become, and instead pursue other activities. Instead of watching TV, read a book, go for a walk outside, play a board game with your children, or even clean up your home.

4. Schedule to Declutter Your Home Every Night

Those who embrace simplicity declutter regularly. Make it a habit to declutter for about 15 minutes each night and you’ll be amazed by the results. If you have more time to spare, then spend 30 or 40 minutes instead, but at a minimum you should spend 15 minutes. You can even do your decluttering during the time you would have spent watching TV!

5. Learn to Say No

Those who adopt simple living, know how to say no to events, get-togethers, hand-me-downs, and more to avoid an over-scheduled or over-cluttered life. If you feel like your schedule is quickly starting to fill up, look at what you have scheduled and cross out anything that doesn’t directly correlate with the things that matter most to you.
Wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing, stop for a minute and consider these five habits of simple living and the benefits they can have on your life. Slow down and concentrate on the things that are most important to you, and take a break to enjoy nature every day. Simple living is just a few steps away.

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