2017 HHP Ultimate Waldorf Holiday Gift Guide!


Can you believe the holiday season is right around the corner?! I don’t know about you but I haven’t even started shopping yet.  And there’s only 6 more Fridays until Christmas! Don’t worry, I have you (and me ) covered! 

At Happy Hedgehog Post we love to support other small businesses that focus on natural, open-ended toys and gifts for our children and adults.  When shopping from this list, Remember that it can take weeks to receive your order, so plan accordingly! 

So, drumroll please!

Here is the 2017 ultimate list of shops for your holiday shopping list:

For Kids:

Papa Dons Wooden Toys makes heirloom-quality natural wooden toys for babies, toddlers, & preschoolers. This roller is perfect for the little crawler on your list.


Simply Mindfull makes Waldorf & Montessori inspired toys and nursing necklaces. The variety of textures on this teething ring are sure to keep your lil one happy.


From Grandmother’s Hope Chest creates beautiful amber Necklaces for Mommy or a teething baby.20431475_692066524315633_4276111610599931223_n


Little Sapling Toys creates beautiful, heirloom quality modern wooden toys. I love the modern design and variety of wood in these alphabet blocks.


Beneath the Rowan Tree creates hand dyed silks, beautifully detailed wool crowns and toys. This hand dyed set of playsilks is the perfect open ended gift.


The Wood Pecker makes lots of handmade wooden toys but this adorable sheep lacing toy is sure to be a favorite for the littles on your list.


Sensory Play:  I love this awesome Rainbow Rocker.  It’s well made, has beautiful colors and will inspire hours of open-ended play!


Fairy Shadow makes lovely Waldorf dolls in various shapes, sizes and colors. She also creates some adorable creatures, but the dragons might be my favorite!


From Jennifer creates a variety of wooden toys and educational materials. This durable and safe bow and arrow set is perfect for your little archer on your list.


Montessori Restore makes play dough and tinker trays for the creatives and inventors on your list.

play dough


Speck & Dressel makes handmade baby blankets and wood toys. This woodland matching game is adorable.

match 2

Woolies:  This Rainbow Unicorn is so soft and sweet, the perfect alternative choice for a My Little Pony fan.rainbow-pony


Simple Gifts Toys creates lovely wooden toys perfect for pretend play. This kitchen play set is perfect for the little chef on your list.


Dollisimo makes beautiful handmade cloth fashion dolls. These beauties are a great alternative to the plastic dolls at the big box stores.


Wooden Giraffe Toys makes a variety of wooden toys. These castle themed blocks are great for the Prince or Princess on your list.


Lena and Sasha creates a variety of wooden toys and puzzles. This set of knights would be perfect for defending your castle.


Mirus Toys creates a variety of educational materials, toys and puzzles. This Phases of the Moon puzzle is perfect for the little astronomer on your list.


Twelve Little Tales sends you a lovely monthly story with beautifully illustrated prompt cards, postcards and stickers.

12 tales

The Knothole Tree has lots of amazing educational items. Her Rock of the Month subscription is sure to be a hit with the naturalist on your list.



Tanglewood Hollow makes beautiful educational materials. Her Nest mini magazine is perfect for the bird lovers on your list.





Teens and Adults:

Puccoon Raccoon makes handcrafted whimsical jewelry.  This unicorn necklace is a favorite (as well as the hedgehog, of course).


Curtis Matsko  makes handcrafted leather products. The handmade journals are perfect for the writer on your list.


Frostbeard makes unique soy candles. This hand poured soy candle is perfect for the bookworm on your list!candle

So Good So Wood creates leather and wooden products ranging from wallets to desk trays. This handcrafted leather wallet can be personalized for the man on your list. They also make womens!wallet

Sheepy Shoes creates cozy upcycled wool slippers for everyone on your list.


Evil Eye Color:  This travel watercolor kit is a fantastic choice for those who are always inspired and love to paint outdoors.paints

Andrea Hill Pottery:  If you have someone on your list who is a coffee or tea drinker, you need to get them this beautiful mug.  It comes with a lid to keep your drink warm and is handy for those long steeping teas. She also has great sets for kids!


AJ Apothecary handcrafts skincare products from high quality, safe and natural ingredients. I included her Salve in one of  last year’s envelopes. This charcoal face mask is sure to be a hit with someone who needs some pampering.


Bumble & Co makes natural grooming goods and skincare for Men + Women. This lux Shave Kit is perfect for any man on your list.


Orglamix handcrafts amazing cruelty free skincare and makeup. This eyeshadow trio has just the right amount of sparkle. I love it and wear it everyday.


Holiday Items:

Tansy Dolls makes adorable wooden figures perfect for play or display. King Winter is at the top of my list!


Wildflower Toys: makes charming bendy dolls. My favorite are the Kindness Elves. They are a great alternative to the Elf on a Shelf.


Hearth Magic makes beautiful artwork and educational materials. This Advent Calendar is a lovely addition to your holiday celebration.


Wooden Ya Play makes wooden toys and home decor. This nativity is lovely unfinished but you could paint it to make it your own.



Olive Wood Gifts:  If your family celebrates Hanukkah or you have a third grader who is studying the Old Testament, these hand painted dreidels are just right for you!





And of course the ultimate gift for any child or waldorf homeschooler:

A subscription to Happy Hedgehog Post!  Our monthly craft envelope is themed towards the current season and holidays.  Each envelope contains items to craft, a recipe to cook, something to read and something special.  Here is an example of the contents of a recent envelope: 


The shop also has plenty of other wonderful carefully curated gifts to choose from!

I hope these suggestions inspire you to shop small businesses this holiday season, and all year long!  If you find something you love from one of these shops, please let me know in the comments below. If you find this post helpful, please pin it or share it!!

 Happy Holidays!!!!





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