About Happy Hedgehog Post:
Your child will receive a monthly delivery that includes craft projects, a story, verses and poems, a recipe and a special gift all following the Waldorf calendar. The service is $35.95 a month, and appropriate for children of all ages, though little ones might need help with some crafts. Sign up for the kit here.

General questions about HHP can be sent to happyhedgehogpost@gmail.com.

About the Blog and HHP Community:
Welcome to the Happy Hedgehog Post blog! Here, you’ll find ideas for introducing the rhythms and routines of Waldorf into your home, as well as fun activities and crafts for your family. We will also gather links and tutorials to all things Waldorf.

If you have questions or suggestions for the blog, please email happyhedgehogpost@gmail.com.

You can sign up for the newsletter here.

Please visit our Facebook page for news, community connections, and giveaways! We’re also on Twitter and Instagram!

Our Team:
Samantha, Happy Hedgehog Post Owner
IMG_1114I am a wife, mother, an artist and a teacher. I have a degree in Elementary Education. I have three boys,  ranging from ten years old to infant. In addition to running all aspects of Happy Hedgehog Post, I homeschool my boys.

What brought you to Waldorf?
I was introduced to the Waldorf philosophy by a fellow homeschool mom. I am drawn to the calm, soothing nature of the Waldorf way. I love how a  connection with nature is emphasized in a world that is very tech-driven. Waldorf reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

11172258846_26b9cf86a2_b-2What is your favorite Waldorf celebration? Why?
My favorite holiday is Candlemas. I love the symbolism, making candles as a family and eating dinner by candlelight. It’s a beautiful and spiritual holiday.

What aspects of having a “Waldorf home” do you feel strongest in?  What are you still working on?
I’m a work in progress! I am constantly working on rhythm, keeping the clutter under control, and trying to remain calm!


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