Summer Window Star Tutorial

While you are waiting for your August Envelopes to arrive, Erin at The Usual Mayhem has provided this lovely window star tutorial. We would love to see your stars. Share pics with us on Instagram using #happyhedgehogpost .

August and September are filled with wonderful opportunities for star-gazing! Here’s a Waldorf window star tutorial so you can enjoy the beauty of the night sky even when it’s cloudy.

You can make a small star, about 6 inches across, from only 1 sheet of kite paper, or you can use 3 sheets and make a medium sized one. I suppose you could go all out and use 8 sheets of kite paper for a huge star, but I prefer to hoard mine so we can make lots of them to fill our window!

You’ll need:

-kite paper ( you can get it here)

-stick glue (or white glue; the stick glue lets you get the star up on your window more quickly, though)

That’s it!

Step 1.

Cut your kite paper into equal strips – you’re going to need identical 8 rectangles. If you’re making the small star, fold your paper in half, then turn it sideways and fold it into 4. Open it and cut out your 8 rectangles.

If you’re making the medium star, fold your three sheets into thirds, then cut an inch off the bottom before you open them and cut them into your rectangles (otherwise they are too long and pointy, and almost impossible to fold).

folding kite paper into thirds

Fold it like this for the medium star, then cut an inch off the short bottom before you cut it into three rectangles.

Step 2. Fold your first rectangle in half lengthwise. Open it up and fold each corner down to the center line, as shown.


window star step 2a

The lengthwise fold

window star step 2b

Fold all 4 corners like this

window star step 2c

It will look like this.

Step 3. Now, at one end, fold it over again, bringing the side to the middle line. If you’ve never folded a star before, the trick is well creased lines – hold the paper at the line you want it folded to, then use the fingers of your other hand to smooth the paper backwards until it creases crisply. Do this to both sides at this end so it looks like this:

window star step 3

Do this to both sides at this end.

Step 4. This is the hardest fold, but it’s not impossible! Fold those same two corners again. You may have to use the tip of your finger to hold the new point in place as you fold, because it’s really small at the tip. It will look like this:

window star step 4a

it will be really pointy. Try not to let the two sides overlap.

window star step 4b

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 through 4 with the other 7 rectangles.

window star step 5

Step 6. Now you’re ready to glue your star together! Line up and glue the edge of the right piece with the center line on the next one, like this:

window star step 6a

See how the bottom points and the centers match up?

Continue until you have only one piece left to glue in. For this last one, you’ll need to glue the underside of the piece to its right, as well as the top of your left hand piece. This sounds really unclear, but hopefully the pictures below will make it easy to follow!

window star step 6b

You’re going to slide the right side under here after you glue it.

window star step 6c

Now glue the top the same way you did the other pieces and stick it down.

Attach your star to a window (you can use your glue stick because window cleaner will remove it when you’re ready). Stand back and enjoy! Happy star gazing!

finished Waldorf window star

P.S. If you enjoyed this, you might enjoy trying this solstice star tutorial or this window sun tutorial next.

Fairy Garden Contest 2016

Have you made your Fairy Garden yet?

I had a blast making mine with my oldest before the baby arrived.We decided to make ours outdoor garden to go in our backyard fairy ring. So, I took him to the nursery to pick out some drought tolerant plants, potting soil and some large plant saucers.

Here’s mine:


Here’s his:


He’s going to put water in the dish to serve as a lake for the fairies. He’s building them a boat so they can sail around.

It’s amazing to me how we can start with the same supplies and come up with something totally different!  What do you think? Will we have some happy fairies?

I would love to see yours!!

To enter the Fairy Garden Contest:

Make a Fairy Garden using the supplies provided in your Summer Bundle plus anything you want to add.

Share your Fairy Garden by posting your photos on Instagram using #HHPfairygarden. For your entry to count, you need to follow me on Instagram @HappyHedgehogPost . Enter by August 1, 2016.

If you don’t have an IG account, you can share photos of your Fairy Garden on our FB page and I would love it if you would like and follow it.

I will be choosing 3 winners. The prizes are:


1st Place Prize


2nd Place Prize

3rd Place Prize is a $25 Gift Certificate to my shop.


I can’t wait to see your creations!