March Musings and Circle Time

Well, it snowed last week. And it was pretty cold today. Still, we’ve had a couple of warm days, and this morning I noticed that our daffodils are poking out of the dirt near the mud kitchen. We even broke … Continue reading

The Easiest Garland Ever

Waldorf Garland

Our January Happy Hedgehog Post envelope just arrived and we had a great time making our candles this afternoon. Well, first we had a little fight about whether the wax was a road and which direction the wick should go, … Continue reading

October Ask Cynthia

Waldorf Halloween Celebration

Cynthia Schottel, an early childhood teacher, Waldorf homeschooling mom, and an all-around Wise Woman of Waldorf has returned with more excellent advice! If you have questions for Cynthia, you can email them to me at, and I will pass … Continue reading