10 Ideas to Celebrate Michaelmas


Michaelmas is the time of the year that I discuss with my children the figurative dragons they need to slay. A time to talk about bravery and courage. A time to make dragon bread!

In addition to your August HHP envelope, Erin from The Usual Mayhem created this wonderful list of resources to make this your best Michaelmas yet!

Michaelmas is coming up on September 29th. If you’d like to learn more about why Waldorf schools celebrate Michaelmas, you can read about it……and then look at these 10 great ideas to celebrate! There should something here for every age group….. I’ve tried to gather a variety of ideas.

In no particular order, here we go:

  1. Uncommon Grace shows how they celebrate Michaelmas. Some fun ideas in here, although the photos seem to have vanished from the blog. The Dragon Soup is an inspired touch!
  2. You Know How We’re an Art Family shared their own celebration. I especially love the jousting on logs, but the whole thing looks like something we’d love!
  3. Frontier Dreams shared not one but three years’ worth of celebrations, including songs and some gorgeous felting handwork.
  4. Chocolate Eyes made some fantastic swords!
  5. The Usual Mayhem shared a tutorial for how to build a foam board castle and a toilet roll dragon with your preschooler.
  6. Bobbins and Brambles shared a great guided dragon watercolor tutorial that every kid will want to try!
  7. Little Acorn Learning shared some dragon fingerplay – so sweet!
  8. Cypress Space has the best dragon bread tutorial I have ever seen. We can’t wait to try it out this year!
  9. Rhythm of the Home has a felt dragon tutorial with very clear templates, photos, and instructions. This one would make a great kid handcrafting project for the week, or a gift that you can make up quickly for your child for some small worlds play. Or HHP has a Felt Dragon Kit that includes all the supplies you need.
  10. Feelin’ Crafty shared a great dragon wings costume tutorial. Make them now and your child can re-use them for a Halloween costume (if you celebrate that, too) or imaginative play (if you don’t).

Obviously the internet is jam-packed with other ideas for celebrating Michaelmas, but this will start you off. Have fun and add a new holiday tradition that your kids will remember when they’re all grown and gone! Enjoy.


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